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Vaping: is to inhale cannabis vapor from a
vaporizer, vape pen, dab rig, or e-nail.

Cannabis Vape Pens.
Cartridges. Vaping.

Cannabis flower and oil can be consumed through a process called vaporization. Vaping is commonly done through vaporizers such as Vape Pens with Cartridges. Cannabis concentrates can be quickly vaporized through dab rigs and e-nails. For more questions, please as your Xclusive Budtender!

Cannabis Vape Pens VS. Vape Cartridges

Vape Pens are handheld, discreet devices that can fit in your pocket or purse. Vape Pens come with a battery and cartridge, or “cart,” that screws on top; the cart contains cannabis oil and a heating element. The Vape Cartridge itself is a small capsule containing various marijuana oil extracts or concentrate that attaches to a Vape Pen. The cartridge container may be ceramic, plastic, or glass, but they all serve the same purpose.