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Cannabis Tinctures are cannabis-infused oils
consumed orally in small doses using
a dropper or measuring spoon.

Cannabis Tinctures.
Mix with food or drinks.

Cannabis Tinctures are great if you’re looking for fast-acting, long-lasting, and an easy way to enjoy marijuana. Either squirt 2-3 drops under your tongue, or add to your favorite foods and beverages! Marijuana Tinctures are easy to carry with you anywhere and are discreet with no odor or public inconvenience.

Marijuana Tincture Types:
Full Spectrum, Broad, & Isolate

FULL-SPECTRUM | A Full-spectrum tincture is a tincture with all compounds from the cannabis plant. Full-spectrum has both CBD/THC terpenes and cannabinoids.
BROAD-SPECTRUM | A Broad-spectrum tincture is a tincture with terpenes and cannabinoids from CBD/Hemp and contains no more than 0.3% THC.
ISOLATE | Isolate tinctures carries a single cannabinoid that has been isolated from either CBD or THC. Isolate tinctures may be flavored or flavorless.