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Cannabis Concentrates are the most
potent forms you can consume.

Concentrates. Extracts.
Wax. Shatter. Resin.

Concentrated THC products (aka: hash, dabs, wax, sugar, badder, budder, resin, rosin, syringes, or shatter) is a product created by extracting THC from the marijuana plant. Concentrates contain between 60%-90% percent THC and is consumed by smoking, vaporizing, dabbing or adding to food.


Shatter is one of the purest concentrates. The name from its glass-like features and how it can shatter like glass.


Wax is the stickiest of the concentrates and works very well with dab rigs. Potency ranges from 60%-90%.


Budder, “aka: batter” has a pungent aroma and has a whipped consistency, similar to peanut butter.


Sauce is known for its robust aroma. The flavor derives from the high level of terpenes. Sauce resembles marmalade.


A hot topic in the cannabis industry is Resin or Live Resin. Many people choose it because of its high flavor.


Diamonds are one of the newer extracts on the market. They get their name from the multifaceted sides.


Crumble has its name for obvious reasons, it crumbles easily due to how brittle it gets during the BHO process.


This marijuana concentrate gets its name from its appearance. It has a wet sugar-like consistency.


Hash is also a top-choice for potent extracts. t comes in both a dry form and an oil form.


Rosin is often extracted from dried marijuana buds, or water hash.


Pearls, “aka: dab beads are highly-potent, but recommended dosage-use is easy to follow.


Rick Simpson Oil (or RSO) is quickly becoming a top-seller for people who have a high THC tolerance.