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Cannabis Topicals are creams and lotions
infused with CBD and/or cannabis.

Cannabis Topicals.
Lotions and Serums.

Cannabis Topicals are THC or CBD-infused lotions, creams, salves, and balms. To use these correctly, apply it directly to sore muscles or body aches (do not use internally or take orally). These topical creams help with relief-localized pain caused by inflammation and are great to use after workouts.

What are Cannabis Patches? Transdermals.

Cannabis Patches or “Transdermals” are cannabis-infused, skin-safe topical applications. These patches allow you to consume marijuana without needing to inhale or ingest it. Instead, the cannabis agents will permeate the skin into the bloodstream.

Where on my body should I place the transdermal patch? We recommend putting the cannabis transdermal patch on the arm or buttox; these areas are usually less sensitive due to lower density of hair follicles when it comes to removing it.