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Cannabis Flower is the purest, freshest
form you can consume.

Flower. Marijuana Bud.
Cannabis Nugs.

Xclusive stocks a huge selection of cannabis flower in the form of marjiana buds or nugs. Consume using your favorite method such as smoking a bowl, ripping a bong, rolling a joint, or even just vaping flower. Medicating with marijuana flower provides an almost immediate effect that can last a few hours.

What to Expect When Shopping Cannabis with Us

SATIVA | Sativa flower provides an energizing effect with the ability to spark creativity and conversation, this is a great option for parties and get-togethers.
INDICA | Promotes full-body relaxation, helps alleviate sore muscles. Indica is great for mellow nights and getting restful sleep.
HYBRID | Physically relaxing but shouldn’t put you out. This is a preferred strain for those that wish to go down the middle path.