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“Edibles” refer to any food containing or infused
with marijuana, usually in the form of
distillate or resin/rosin.

Cannabis Edibles.
Munchies. Getting Baked.

Cannabis Edibles are a tasty way to orally consume cannabis. There are many different types of foods and snacks infused with cannabis; the most popular being gummies, brownies, cookies, chocolates, and other baked goods. The effects are long-lasting and typically take 45 mins – 2 hours to feel.

Cannabis Edibles:
Tried. Tested. & True.

Cannabis Edibles are popular in the market because they are discreet, they taste great, and they are long-lasting. Edibles are accurately dosed and tested before shipping to the stores. This will allow you to have a consistent experience over and over, as opposed to consuming cannabis by smoking, vaping, or dabbing.

What is micro-dosing? This is when you ingest small amounts of THC, usually 2.5-5g per every 30 mins to 1 hour.